Choose the Right Place

Urbern provides you with the information regarding your desired locations. Whether you plan to buy a new home, move to a new business location, or simply want access to preferred amenities during your trip, you can use the app to learn about all the things around you.

Property Investors & Tenants

match up places with prices

When out searching for a new place to buy or rent, you’ll need data to support your stance during negotiations. Being able to access the location rating will give you a clear idea of whether the sales or rental price on offer matches the nearby amenities you can have.


Restauranteurs & Retailers


When looking for places to establish a new restaurant or retail business, you want to understand whether the surrounding businesses are complementary to yours. Urbern provides you with lifestyle ratings at the place and gives you a head start.


Valuers & Fund Managers

Make Data-driven decision

Urbern integrates with third-party geospatial data providers and uses its patented algorithm to quantify how prime a location is based on the quantity and quality of the nearby amenities. Therefore helping professionals make the right decisions.

Platforms & Institutions

Integrate via APIs

In addition to the mobile app, Urbern offers its rating over APIs, whether you want to integrate with your existing platforms or work on a geospatial analysis project, Urbern is at your service.

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