Urbern: 1 of the 10 startups that makes up the INCUBATE Class 17

Incubate Class 17 Group Photo

INCUBATE is the award-winning startup program at the University of Sydney, that funds students, alumni and researchers to launch high-potential startups.

Urbern has gone through the competitive selection process and been selected as 1 of the 10 startups in Class 17.

The startup program kicks off with a series of health checks and goal setting activities. And Urbern has set two objectives:

  • 1. Customer Validation and
  • 2. First Commercial Customer

In each week of the program, multiple specialised mentors volunteer their times and share the cohort with their domain knowledge via workshops.

Here are some of the noteworthy topics:

  • 10×10: Make 10 sales calls before 10Am everyday. Doing this helps to kick-off the day, boosts your confidence and energy levels.
  • Bowling Alley: Take over one small customer segment, then move to the adjacent one, like how bowling pins fall
  • When in doubt, do something – this is self-explanatory

In addition to the workshops, There are tremendous amount of supports (technical and emotional) for helping the startups achieve their goals.

Enough said, I need to go plan my 10×10 for tomorrow.

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