Top Home-Selling Tips before Approaching Real Estate Agent

More than 80% of home sellers believe that it takes a lot of preparation and momentum to speak to their first real estate agent.

“It feels like a flying moth darts into the flame, and I’m the moth”, George Zhong, a recent home seller, told Urbern.

It is not that real estate agents are evil. They are here to help.

Real Estate professionals are empowered

People are frustrated or at least unconfident when speaking to a real estate agent, is because real estate agents are better equipped with domain knowledge and toolsets. That’s why they are offering professional services.

So, how do home sellers overcome this challenge?

The answer is simple, and it’s not that difficult.

  1. Know your place, literally
  2. Look for data, thoroughly
  3. Share notes, promptly
Know your place

This will give you an excellent idea of the characteristics of the neighbourhood,

As the homeowner, you should know your place inside out. Let’s start from the inside.

You should’ve known the building layout, the number of rooms, year-built, the material used, noise level, and even any secret passage.

You should have a perfect idea of the neighbourhood, starting from a 100-meter radius, note down any amenities, and expand the radius to 500-meter and then 1000-meter.

This will give you an excellent idea of the characteristics of the neighbourhood, whether it’s CBD-like or Oasis-styled.

Look for data

You need data to support your observation or even gut feelings. And data is beneficial when presented in a negotiation.

There is an enormous amount of data accessible on the Internet. However, we have identified one crucial data set that is not vastly available to the public – the convenience rating of your place. And here is the reason why knowing the convenience is so imperative.

“Location, Location, Location”, you must have heard this most popular real estate quote of all time. It was coined by Harold Samuel in 1944 when he founded Land Securities, one of the United Kingdom’s largest property companies.

You could knock down a building and rebuild, but you cannot move your place even by 1 cm; it’s just physically unalterable. So come up with a rating at your place will give you (and potential home buyers) an excellent idea of how much the sales price is truly worth.

Urbern is here to offer the solution – by simply entering your address, and a convenience rating will be calculated within 8 seconds. For example, 483 George St, Sydney scores 9.78 out of 10.

Urbern Score 9.78 at 483 George St Sydney

If you find your place is rated on the lower end of the spectrum. Don’t you worry, it means your home is tranquil and peaceful.

Share notes

You have to remember that you’re not alone. You should share your notes, findings, and opinions with others, such as your partner, colleagues, parents, and even your real estate agent.

You will get much more insights by openly discussing your place with them, which will drastically shape your idea, expectations, and perspectives.

When a potential buyer approaches your property, you don’t know whether they are buying a home or an investment property. Your local real estate agent may not know either, even after the first round of open houses.
So it’s better to be equipped with the knowledge, be empowered by the data, and set you for a successful home-selling journey.

about urbern

At Urbern, we are building the simplest location intelligence for you to know precisely about the places you are buying or selling.

We sincerely hope you are now more comfortable finding a good agent.

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